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Georgia Things To Do

August 21st, 2012 6:39 am

If you decide to visit Georgia there are several must see places and things to do. The top Atlanta attraction is the Georgia Aquarium. Other must see places include Savannah and the coast of Georgia, Helen and the North Georgia Mountains, Stone Mountain, and for some adrenaline pumping fun visit Six Flags.

The Georgia Aquarium is visited by thousands of families each year. Since opening just a few years ago this site has attracted people from all over the world. Billed as the largest aquarium on the planet the Georgia Aquarium near downtown Atlanta is a must see. Visit the Coca-Cola museum next door and taste samples of Coke products sold worldwide. The best time to visit the Aquarium and the Coke museum is during the week because the crowds are so thick on the weekends that it’s difficult to fully enjoy.

There’s no way to fully describe Savannah in one paragraph, but this is a must see city. Not just a must see Georgia city, but a must see American city. Savannah is arguably the most beautiful city in America and is probably one of the most beautiful in the world. From the live oak lined streets to the old houses to the beach there is something for everyone in Savannah. Tour homes, visit museums, eat at fantastic restaurants, and stroll the streets to fully appreciate this lovely place.

Cruise on up to the North Georgia Mountains and spend the morning driving the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway before stopping in Helen for lunch and a few hours of shopping. If it’s summer time make sure to rent a tube and float down the Chattahoochee River. Don’t forget to taste test the fudge, but be warned because it’s so good you’ll probably leave with a pound or two – of fudge that is.

Near Atlanta is Stone Mountain Park. This park surrounds the famous granite rock that is visible from many areas in Atlanta. You can hike or take a tram to the top of the mountain. Visit the old homes and other areas in the park for a full day of fun. At night sit back on the lawn and watch the spectacular laser show on the side of the mountain.

End your trip to Georgia with a day at Six Flags. This theme park has been around for about forty years and has delighted several generations of families. Some of the best roller coasters in the world are at Six Flags over Georgia. If you are a little more timid don’t let the roller coasters scare you because there are plenty of other fun things to do at Six Flags like great shows and many tame rides.

Georgia Real Estate

July 10th, 2012 3:03 am

As one of the fastest growing states in the U.S.A., Georgia is starting to attract a bit more attention than it has in previous years. The capital of Atlanta, is a thriving city, this state is gaining in both popularity and value. Georgia has a long and storied history, it was one of the original 13 colonies and one of the first to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

Part of this state is occupied by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and this area is home to some fantastic and awe-inspiring homes. This is one of the best sites for mountain living east of the famous Rockies. This is also one of the more diverse states in that it showcases both mountain and seafront land and properties.

A look into Atlanta, GA real estate market reveal that even though the city is densely populated , the prices of real estate in Atlanta, GA is quite affordable compared to some of the other popular metros in the country. Statistic report on Atlanta, GA real estate point that, a two bedroom Atlanta condo costs between $250,000 and $ 300,000.

While the cost of a similar property in Manhattan, New York could easily cost you over million or more dollars. The real estate report for the week of September 30, 2009 shows that there are 12,310 Atlanta, GA properties on sale in the market. The average price per square foot of an Atlanta home is $141 which is a positive change of 10.2% more than the price from the previous year.

This report was based on the sale of one thousand and sixty-five homes that were available for sale in Atlanta, GA. According to the statistic reports the average listing price for the sale of properties in Atlanta, GA in the week of October 5, 2009 was $ 441,869 which is a negative change of 0.4% from what it was in the previous year.

The median price for properties for sale in Atlanta, Georgia for the week of October 5, 20009 was $191,000 which reflects a positive change of 10.2% from the previous year. Thus the tides have turned for the real estate in Atlanta, GA that experienced a steep fall in the prices of properties due to a series of foreclosures and distress sells.

Investing in property in Marietta, GA is also a good idea. Marietta is located at a distance of fifteen miles from downtown Atlanta. It is one of the largest suburban areas in the metro region that offers a low cost for living and reasonable property prices which makes real estate Marietta a preferred choice among first time property buyers as well as real among estate professionals.