East-West Trade Bridge

In 2004, the economy took a turn toward rapid growth as Mikheil Saakashvili became president. Administration—currently in its second term—is pinning the economy’s long-term potential on a deregulation and anti-corruption platform. Posters at the country’s two international airports remind visitors that official bribery is a criminal offense. The free-market policies of the Saakashvili administration appear to have succeeded: Georgia is now ranked 11th in the Ease of Doing Business Survey by the World Bank, sandwiched between Norway and Thailand. Russia, by comparison, is ranked 120th. See www.doingbusiness.org for further background.

With the global credit crisis, Georgian economic activity declined dramatically in 2008-09 from the double-digit growth seen in 2007. The IMF has identified five causes of this collapse: contraction of export markets, lower remittances from citizens working abroad, the freeze in international credit-markets, falling commodity prices, and capital repatriation back to major economies. Importantly, these factors largely fell outside domestic developments. The Russian invasion of August 2008 may simply have been a caustic addition to an already volatile mix of international macro-events.

Georgia Resorts

There is a vast choice when it comes to Georgia resorts and your choice should be influenced by what you find most important, locale, budget or activities. If you are looking for a resort for business purposes your choice is likely to be different than if you were looking for pleasure purposes. Therefore, when looking at Georgia resorts you will need to consider location, price and services.

There are several golf resorts located in Georgia, each offering something different. If you are planning a business meeting or you fancy a game of golf with a colleague these resorts are the perfect answer. If you’re a professional golfer or at least someone who talks golf seriously Brasstown Valley is geared towards the pro golfer and is situated in the picturesque Georgia Mountains region. If you are looking for a resort to hold a conference, you will need somewhere that can hold your party size as well as have a meeting room suitable for your purpose. Lake Blackshear resort is designed especially for business conferences with over 10,000 square feet of conference space.

If you are looking for more information on resorts located in Georgia visit the Business.com website. The site has an entire section dedicated to Georgia resorts with links to and information on some of the most popular ones available.