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Flower In Denver - A Personal Story

All people love flowers, specially those who are in love with someone special or those who love nature. It is difficult to say why people love flowers. Some people feel that the fragrance of flowers attracts people; some the natural beauty of flowers; but there are others who feel that understated fertility that attracts people. Though the reasons may be different, it is true that everyone loves flowers. It is of no use to strain ourselves in finding out the reasons for loving flowers.

I purchased many bouquets before I understood the significance of their flowers. I also bought corsages for dates, wreaths for funerals, and floral arrangements both for sick friends and relatives and as decoration for my living room table. Then one day, while I was in a florist's shop in Denver, it finally occurred to me how little I knew about the flowers I purchased so often. From that moment on I became interested in learning about the scents of flowers and about how to grow them.

A person in Littleton while buying flowers was looking at them with disregard and judged then by their appearance. The florist who saw this was surprised. Since the person thought that women liked red roses, he looked at others flowers with disgust. The angry florist told the person that he should learn more about the special significance of every flower before he looked at them with disgust.

I came to the conclusion that buying flowers as often as possible did not mean that I was learning more about flowers. Reading about flowers on internet horticulture sites and visiting the library offered me the information that I was seeking. The history of flowers became such an interest to me and I devoted myself to the knowledge completely.

Have you ever heard of an apple revolution? Well, how can you hear when it has never happened in the entire history? That said, a modern revolution in Georgia is remembered as the "rose revolution" because no bloodshed was done. That shows how meanings attached to flowers play a role in societal references to flowers.

I'll never forget that enriching experience of my floral education in Littleton, how the florist enlightened me to the histories of different types of flowers and the significance of their looks and colors. Since then, I have been looking closely at all flowers that I see, and appreciating their unique beauty. Perhaps you, too, will search the web and become educated about flowers and the special qualities that each one has.

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